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Who we are
Plutonica is a mixed student corporations, founded in 1993 at the Limburgs Universitair Centrum (now University of Hasselt) by Peter Dirix and Michaël Goorts. In the first place, Plutonica wanted to be a amical band between people who have studied at the LUC and of Limburg students in whole Flanders. Plutonica also accepted non Limburg members, if they supported our basic principles.

Because the founders and a great part of the members were now studying at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the city of Louvain has become the centre of our activities. The Limburg character of Plutonica is mixed with the long and rich Louvain student tradition. The members (studying in Louvain and Brussels) often join in Louvain at happenings organised by the corporation, including "cantus" and other traditional nights. Our colours are blue, white and green.

We represent (without being too conservative or too formal) a tradition that seems strange for a lot of contemporary students. It is a form of pleasure that is disappearing. Plutonica observes a strict neutrality at the ideological, political and religious level. Of course, our members are allowed to have their own opinions, but they have to show respect for other opinions in a spirit of tolerance and without impliciting the corporation.

Amicality and fraternity are the basic principles of our association and of the real student life. We are always pleased to contact other student associations. That is why we were a founding member of the Ordo Academicus Burgundiensis , an organisation of "traditional" student associations in the Low Countries. Since 2016, we are recognised by the KVSR and the European umbrella organisation EKV.

Feel free to contact us at mailto:plutonicaleuven@gmail.com. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Peter Dirix